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Living in this modern era, the kitchen has evolved from a space that only serves cooking purposes into an aesthetic centerpiece element of the home.With MODENA’s expertise in providing top quality home appliances and kitchenware, there is no excuse not to get that nice and clean celebrity home kitchen look in your own home. Tell us your dream design and we will make it more than just a dream.

Kitchen Design

Also known as the Pullman Kitchen, the I-Shape is a kitchen layout in the form of a straight line where all kitchen utensils are placed on the same side. This layout is usually used in residences with narrow space.


A kitchen layout that brings together two sides of the cabinet in the form of the letter L, where the placement of kitchen utensils will usually be separated on two different sides according to the grouping.


A kitchen layout that is installed on three sides of the room and connected to each one of its corners like a U-shape. This layout maximizes all sides of the room for the placement of kitchen utensils.

With Island

A kitchen layout where a stand-alone table is placed in the middle of the room or opposite the existing kitchen cabinets. This stand-alone kitchen table can serve as a table to prepare meals or an area for family members or friends to gather in the kitchen. 

Rumah Tinggal X - Senopati

Rumah Tinggal X - Senopati